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Conteo Thoughts March 22, 2022

Winning back visitors or what trade fairs can learn from fishing

One of the most important challenges for a successful relaunch of the trade fair industry is winning back visitors. But the old familiar recipes such as attractive supporting programs, elaborate special shows and more self-marketing are reaching their limits. What's next?

Conteo Thoughts October 26, 2021

Digitization: Why hybrid trade shows are the wrong way to pursue

Trade shows are becoming hybrid at the moment. This is supposed to allow visitors to choose whether they participate online or offline. I believe that this is the wrong way to pursue then the future is not "online-or-offline", but "online-offline-online".

Conteo Thoughts February 16, 2021

Interview: "No 6 hours in front of the PC"

On January 10, Hardware digital, the first digital event based on Conteo platform technology, opened its doors. Matthias Baldinger, founder and CEO of Conteo, talks in an interview with Urs Seiler from about how it works and why he still has concerns about virtual trade fairs.

Conteo Thoughts December 1, 2020

We need fundamentally rethink trade fair websites and exhibitor directories

Our thoughts on why we need to fundamenttally rethink trade fair websites and exhibitor directories. Or how trade fairs could acutally deliver on their value proposition online.

Conteo Thoughts August 17, 2020

A new approach to digital trade fairs

Our approach to digital trade fairs during the Corona pandemic. Or how gamification could succeed in capturing the essence of the trade fair format digitally...

Conteo Thoughts July 2, 2020

Why Covid was a bad driver for the digitization of the exhibition industry

During the last 2 years, the exhibition industry has experienced a digitization push. The driver for this is obvious: Covid-19. But I think it was the wrong one. Digitization should not strive to enable a virtual show visit, but rather enrich the offline experience.