Creation of content

With Conteo, you reach your target group – not with advertising, but with interesting content.

Companies that do not have much content yet often think that creating content is time-consuming. It does not have to be this way. Conteo has developed a comprehensive system for this.


Trade fairs as content generators

Trade fairs are the best content generators. Each display, each professional discussion, each question from a trade fair visitor, each presentation – this is all valuable content. It needs to be captured and made available online. If 50 people are interested in a display at the trade fair, there are certainly 500 others who are not there, but are also interested.


By taking part in a digital meeting place by Conteo, you generate and publish valuable content throughout your trade fair appearances:

  • You publish your trade fair invitation in the digital meeting place and this way reach people beyond your own mailing list.
  • You capture your  displays and new products as highlights and showcases and publish them in the digital meeting place, where you can reach interested people outside the trade fair as well.
  • You answer typical questions of trade fair visitors using your expertise, and publish this in the digital meeting place.
  • With our video team, you produce short video pitches in your booth, which capture the message of your trade fair appearance and make it available online.
  • Or, one of your displays is featured in one of our video trade fair walkabouts


The Conteo Video Team

The Conteo Video Team attends various trade fairs and produces video pitches and video trade fair walkabouts. Use this opportunity and produce valuable video content with us directly at trade fairs.

Find out at which trade fairs you can find the Conteo Video Team


Conteo Content Canvas

To simplify the planning of your content for you, we developed Conteo Content Canvas. You can use it to develop a small editorial plan by means of simple questions, in order to regularly publish content about a topic in the digital meeting place.

Download Conteo Content Canvas (German)


The content creation option

Many companies do not have the capacity to create and publish content for a digital meeting place. We offer the content creation option to these companies.

It consists of a phone interview with us once a year to fill the Conteo Content Canvas for the following 12 months. This defines which content you want to publish. After that, our team creates your content based on your input. You only have to review the content and approve it.

Sounds interesting? Contact us for more information.

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