Conteo for trade fair visitors/users

Would you like to find the right exhibits, presentations, products, and exhibitors at a trade fair easily and quickly based on your interests? And to be continuously updated free of charge based on your interests 365 days a year, even after the trade fair? This is precisely what Conteo makes possible.


Trade fairs with Conteo

In a trade fair with Conteo, you save your interests and receive very personal recommendations of what you should visit at the trade fair.

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Digital meeting places

Trade fairs are important places to get information, find out about the latest developments from current suppliers and get to know new suppliers, as well as to further educate oneself. But how can you do this if there is no trade fair going on?

This is what Conteo's digital meeting places are for. You save your interests there and receive your personal news. This way, you will never miss a beat.

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