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Trade fairs are important places for a sector, where one can stay up-to-date and get to know new providers. However, clients want to do this not only at trade fairs, but 365 days a year.

For this purpose, together with organizers, Conteo adds digital meeting places to trade fairs. A digital meeting place establishes a platform where experts from a sector can stay informed and get to know new providers 365 days a year.

For you as a provider, digital meeting places offer an innovative online marketing solution that you can use to reach your target group 365 days a year – not with advertising, but with interesting content.


How does a digital meeting place by Conteo work for providers?

  1. Visitors of selected trade fairs of a sector, your target group, register for the digital meeting place and save their interests.
  2. You publish content related to these interests of the registered users.
  3. With your content, you reach interested users in the digital meeting place, through the personalized newsletter of the meeting place and through social media.
  4. Interested new clients contact you.

Advantages of digital meeting places as an online marketing solution

  • You are present for your target group 365 days a year.
  • You can reach the right people, because each user saves his or her interests.
  • You publish interesting and relevant content instead of advertising.
  • The digital meeting place targets the "right" conversion: A potential or existing client gets in touch with you.
  • Digital meeting places are optimally integrated with your trade fair appearances.


In which sectors does Conteo operate digital meeting places?

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