Your post is your bait

You can compare the trade fair website with your posts on it to fishing. You throw your bait (= your post) into the wide water (= trade fair website) with the aim of catching as many fish as possible (= visitors). With an interesting article, you can do this very easily. Learn how here.

Teaser text
Make sure that the teaser text describes what the post is about in the most exciting way as possible. The teaser text should be written as attractively as possible so that readers want to read the whole post and ultimately get in touch with you.

Write in full sentences in the teaser text; do not use bullets or other lists - on the one hand, the publisher cannot process these (the text is automatically displayed as scrolling text) and on the other hand, this version of a teaser text is also not as attractive and exciting.

Advertise (tease), as the name suggests, but don't give away too much info already. This way, you can ensure that readers will actually click on the post and read it in full. If a reader thinks he or she already knows all the information, he or she will not want to click on the post.

Don't forget the title! How many times have you clicked on an online article because the title appealed to you? Even if the article was not that exciting in the end - you still opened it.

Your title should be meaningful and not too long. Avoid pure product names and describe the product with its USP (= Unique Selling Point): Vacuum cleaner XC40 - more powerful than a leaf blower.

Do not write in pure capital letters in the title and teaser text, as this disturbs the reading flow. 

Main body

In the running text, i.e. your main body, you can then design and adapt the text in different ways. You have the possibility to set titles, or to mark parts, single words or titles in bold. You can also easily add links and, for example, link to the described product on your website.

Try to tell exciting posts in the form of stories. Consider the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of the product/service?
  • What are the benefits of your product/service?
    - Address the problem that is being solved: Does your product/service promise to save time? Will there be less cost?
  • Do you have a video of the product? Show how your product is made, how it is used, or show it "in action."

So the more good and exciting bait you throw now, the more fish you will catch. You will have more success, welcome more visitors to your booth and generate more leads and business.