Why you, as an exhibitor, should benefit from your credits for content creation

Draw attention to yourself with an attractive exhibitor profile and exciting articles. Bring the right people to your booth and generate more business as a result. Find out how here.

Nowadays, no one just walks through trade fair halls on the off chance, hoping to discover something exciting. Visitors inform themselves online about the trade fair and the exhibitors in advance. This makes the trade fair platform your most important touchpoint.

So if you fill out your exhibitor profile completely, upload your logo, and add relevant contacts, you will generate significant attention. 

Your most important tool, however, are the articles - you receive free credits for each time you participate at a trade fair. You use these credits to create your articles. You tell interesting stories, present your products, services or even new products and innovations. 

The articles will be played out and found in various places on the trade fair platform:

  • in your profile
  • under "Articles" on the Website
  • in the topic areas
  • via the search function on the website
  • articles are also automatically published on the community page; this counterpart to the trade fair platform remains online throughout the year
    are sent by e-mail in bi-weekly updates after publication (to all users of the platform - based on an interest profile)

So with good and exciting articles you attract interested people to your booth and generate more business and contacts. 

Contact feature

The features "Arrange an appointment", "Request an invitation" and "Write a message" give visitors the opportunity to contact you before the trade fair or to make an appointment (also at your booth). 

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See your successes in the statistics

In your supplier profile, you will find statistics that are constantly updated. In this way, you can keep up to date with the performance of your contributions at all times.

Screenshot 2022-12-29 102427.png (0 MB)

Impression: Your profile/your article was displayed and seen on the traide fair website 

Views: Visitors have clicked on your profile/article

Bookmarks: Someone has put your article on their watch list

Leads: You have been contacted via the traide fair website

Links: Visitors have clicked on a link in your profile/your article

On average, an article generates 1000 - 3000 impressions, 100 - 200 views and 10 - 30 interactions.

These values are measurable and mean more visitors and contacts, more leads and therefore more business for you.

Link the articles also on your social media channels

To get an even wider reach, we recommend that you also share the articles on social media. This way you ensure that even more people see them.