What is a good post?

Learn here what characterizes a good and successful post. We give you tips & tricks for creating and inputs on which information is relevant in this article.

See the trade fair website as an additional social media channel. The platform created with Conteo is ideally suited for publishing blog posts, drawing attention to yourself and thus gaining greater reach.

A good post is structured as an exciting story and is enriched with images, videos or even audios. Around 1500 to 3000 characters are suitable for a readable post.

The first thing a visitor sees is the preview tile:

That's why the lead or intro text is so important. This is the only field that has a character limit (min. 150, max. 300 characters). In each case, an image or video must also be included for the tile to be complete.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel

Think about what you're presenting at the show and map that information online already. You may have existing texts; blog posts, news from the website, social media posts (e.g. from LinkedIn) - use them!

The most important Do's and Dont's for content creation


Set subtitles in the scrolling text

Create hyperlinks, if you want to link to a product for example

Set "eyecatchers" in the form of images, graphics and/or videos

Work with a "call-to-action"; e.g., "Visit us at our booth, we look forward to your visit"
Think of an exciting title that makes you want to read the post

No bullets in the lead text (the publisher cannot process them)

Do not present your entire portfolio; focus on a specific product/service

Do not introduce the company; the exhibitor profile is available for this purpose

Do not use the company name or only the product name in the title