Conteo brings
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Conteo combines live marketing with content marketing

What has always brought people together? Good stories and content. Nowadays, they need to be told both offline and online

With this aim in mind, Conteo combines live marketing tools such as trade fairs and events with content marketing into content live marketing.

Conteo for organizers

Personal contacts between clients and providers remain key and trade fairs are an important format for this.
Personal contacts
Along with in-person contact at trade fairs, visitors also have contact with exhibitors online.
Online contacts

Conteo enables trade fair organizers to successfully design the content for this online contact:

On an innovative trade fair website

The Conteo trade fair website brings the trade fair content to visitors in advance, so they can meet the right exhibitors at the trade fair in a targeted way.

On a digital meeting place

Exhibitors now want their content to reach visitors 365 days a year. This is made possible by the digital meeting place, which opens up a new business for organizers outside the trade fair.

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Conteo is successfully used in various markets

Engineering, electrical, and metal working industries, agriculture, medical technology, additive manufacturing, and the plastics industry.

Conteo emerged from the ETH spin-off Industry+ of Additively AG


Logo of Industry+

In 2013, we began with the reverse idea: We wanted to replace personal contact during new business development with a digital solution. We failed, because personal contact does not disappear in a digitized world, but becomes more and more important. Yet personal contact by itself is also no longer enough, and must be supplemented with online contact.


Since 2015, we have been working with trade fair organizers to combine elements from personal business development, i.e. live marketing, with elements from the digital realm, i.e. those of content marketing. This resulted in content live marketing.


Logo of Industry+

The goal of content live marketing is to get the right people in personal contact – at an event, in a personal meeting, on the phone, by e-mail, or in another way. To successfully implement content live marketing in various markets, we restructured the company in 2019 and renamed it Conteo.