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Conteo enables organizers
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"The goal of everything we do is
that the right people meet."
Matthias Baldinger
Managing Director Conteo

The most important Conteo components

Your Event Platform

Exhibitors present on the event platform what can be experienced at their booths.

Your Community Platform

The community platform enables contact between visitors and exhibitors throughout the year.


Posts are the digital equivalent to exhibits. Credits for posts are sold to exhibitors.

Conteo Publisher

Our publishing solution was developed specifically for exhibitors to create content.

Conteo Content Services

Our experienced content team provides support for exhibitors, reviews and produces posts.

What makes Conteo stand out as a digital extension to your trade fair?


Curated posts
instead of
exhibitor directory.

Posts are in the foreground on your event and community platform.

With Conteo, exhibitors can present their exhibits and stories with pictures, videos and text in attractive posts.

The posts make it easy for visitors to do their online research - so more people will come to your event.


We get your exhibitors to create posts on your platform.

Conteo supports exhibitors and creates content.

The Conteo Publisher was developed specifically for exhibitors to create posts.

We have a content team that supports the exhibitors and ensures that the posts are published on time and in good quality.


Search, browse, find.

See the posts that interest you.

Conteo provides visitors with an intuitive and personalized user experience.

We use complex algorithms and technologies, but for users our solution is simple and clear.

No one wants to search for a long time or struggle with a complicated website.


Your community platform
connects visitors and exhibitors all year round.

You open up a new business model with Conteo.

Visitors follow exhibitors and topics that interest them and stay up to date all year round.

Exhibitors can easily keep the communication channel open after the trade fair.

More features

Personal newsfeed based on interests
Trade fair preparation with bookmarks
Follow topics & providers
Relevance-based reach
In-depth insight for organizers
Real-time statistics for exhibitors
Digital business card exchange
Social media integration
Personalized automated newsletter
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Conteo is successfully used at a large number of trade fairs

Your benefits as an organizer

Expectations towards digital solutions from trade fairs are constantly rising. In-house developments require ever greater investments and are becoming increasingly complex and risky.

Conteo offers a proven solution that offers organizers convincing advantages:

Low investment

The development of novel solutions involves a lot of risk. Conteo has a proven track record and is low risk.

Additional revenue

Credits for posts on your platform can be sold to exhibitors in the same way as sqaure meters at the trade fair.

Great solution

With Conteo, you offer your exhibitors and visitors one of the best digital solutions on the market.

Partner instead of provider

Our solution is continuously developed with your feedback. With Conteo, you have a future-proof partner.

Petra Rathgeber
Project manager
Messe Friedrichshafen
Content is becoming increasingly important – this also applies to trade fairs and events. Conteo enables us to actively use the content from our exhibitors and to make a business out of it, from which the organizers, the exhibitors and the visitors profit.
Markus Lauber
Chairman of the Executive Board
Messe Luzern
Conteo has changed the relationship with our exhibitors. We now offer our exhibitors not only a live marketing product, but also an online marketing solution. And therefore become a comprehensive marketing partner.

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Matthias Baldinger
Managing Director Conteo

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