Which format should I choose for my posts?

Choosing the right format for your posts can sometimes be a bit tricky. In this article, you'll get an overview of the most common formats as well as good examples of them for inspiration.

The trade fair you are participating in is characterized by individual post formats. Below you will find a collection of the most common formats and corresponding good posts, which should serve as inspiration for your content creation.


Presentation of a (new) product:

  • Facts as enumeration
  • Exciting title; not just product name
  • Product video (if available) Bag in Box filler & pasteurizer working in perfect synergy

Additively: FS 3200 PA-F - a unique polyamide


Presentation of a (new) service:

  • Video of application (if available) How to develop an MDR-ready software application? We are more than a label printing company


Showing a customer example; an example that shows the solution in use so that the benefits can be highlighted.

"Show don't tell" How the industry can get to grips with the MDR

Additvely: GF Additive recertifies with excellence

Best Practice/Showcase

Presentation "showcase" of a product:

  • Tell how it was created/built
  • Benefit/cost

Swiss Plastics Platform: How laboratory equipment contributes to climate protection Carbon Farming to Address a Changing Climate


Post is enriched with expertise:

  • Show comparisons
  • Point out facts
  • Clarify what makes a product/solution unique Solution guide: Product Lifecycle Management for Machine Builders

Additively: When should you check die casting as an option?